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Last week, the “Release Summit” of Faktor Zehn Product Development took place for the third time. This virtual meeting is always held every six months, in the middle of the Main Release cycle. The goal of this meeting is to create another exchange opportunity for the different software development teams and to promote cross-team communication.

At the beginning of the 3-hour meeting, a welcome address was given to the participants, followed by a status update on the topics discussed at the last Release Summit in the spring. Afterwards, the participants were divided into four break-out sessions. In order to strengthen the feeling of togetherness in times of remote work, there was a social icebreaker at the beginning of the group sessions: Before the meeting, all employees were given the task of thinking up three facts or stories about themselves. Two of these facts or stories represented the truth – and one aspect was a lie. The task of the round was to find the two true facts and expose the lie. This task led to some laughs among the participants and some stories were exchanged and sympathy points were awarded. Afterwards, there was the opportunity to exchange ideas within the groups about the most exciting topics of the release cycle. Since the groups were heterogeneously mixed, the participants got a good insight into what interesting topics the other product development teams had dealt with in the half-year release.

In the next agenda item, all participants were presented with suggestions for topics that had been collected from the product development teams in the previous weeks. These suggestions were then released for voting and new break-out rooms were created for the topics with the most votes. In total, four groups were opened on different topics. On a technical level, they talked about the sustainable optimization of internal IT security as well as the internal know-how transfer of the product architecture. Another group dealt with the better handling of Jira tickets and in the last break-out room ideas were exchanged on the use of gamification approaches in internal product development.

Following the discussion rounds, the most important aspects from the individual groups were presented in a large round. In some cases, even measures and wishes were recorded, which are now being pursued in retrospect, especially in order to be able to implement optimizations internally. At the end of the meeting, all employees had the opportunity to leave their feedback on a virtual Board. This feedback was subsequently asked for again in detail, taken up by the organization team and used as an opportunity for potential optimizations in the context of the next Release Summit.

In summary, it can be said that this event created an optimal framework for Faktor Zehn product development to get to know each other better and to promote cross-team exchange. In addition, the group discussions are a great opportunity to work out impulses for process optimization and to talk about topics that are really important to the employees.

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