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We have always used the IDE Eclipse for development of and as a foundation for Faktor-IPS. Over the years, many bugs and small problems in Eclipse have been fixed and we look forward to all the improvements in every new release. But as it goes, there are always little problems that have to be discovered and fixed sooner or later. For some of these open issues that were particularly relevant to us, we were able to enlist the help of Christoph Läubrich, an open source developer who contributes to a number of Eclipse projects. Thanks to his contributions to Eclipse Tycho and PDE we can now build Faktor-IPS more comfortably and can manage dependencies without P2 update sites – here he describes the features we built upon. A presentation will be held at the upcoming EclipseCon.

But the most interesting development, also for our customers, is the long-missed support for modern Maven archetypes in Eclipse m2e (see Bug 514993 and Issues 249 & 799). Finally, our Faktor-IPS-Archetype can be used not only on the command line but also directly in Eclipse. With release 2022-09 of Eclipse, everyone can now try this for themselves: File -> New -> Project… -> Maven -> Maven Project

Then type “faktorips” on the archetype selection page to select the faktorips-maven-archetype:

On the next page, basic parameters for the new Faktor-IPS project are collected::

Finally, some derived parameters are presented on the Eclipse console and entered via keyboard:

Of course, the fact that Eclipse can now also handle modern Maven archetypes that use Groovy and parameter validations not only benefits Faktor-IPS users, but also many other people who use Faktor-IPS. This way, we give something back to the open source community that we have been benefiting from for a long time.

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