Our new associate partners: Ilja

Today we introduce you to our new Associate Partner Ilja. 😊

He has been with Faktor Zehn since 2011 and, among other things, has been in charge of the trainee program for new developer colleagues for several years. 🧑💻


In the context of his new position, we asked him some questions about himself and his daily work:

Who are you?

I am Ilja. I would describe myself as an open-minded, open person who accepts every person as they are. I am an absolute family man and also like to stay at home sometimes. I like to ride my bike in my free time, because I can switch off and be for myself. After all, I do not have to do everything with the family 😀 Of course, I also like to do a lot with my friends. Tonight, for example, two friends are coming to my terrace for a barbecue.


What is your favorite thing to do at Faktor Zehn?

My favorite thing is to pass on my know-how and support new colleagues during their induction. For example, I’ve been supervising the trainee program for a long time.

I also enjoy supervising projects. Especially at the beginning, when it’s all about getting our customers excited about us. I’m involved a lot in sales processes to present our products well.


Do you already know what your future tasks will be as a new AP at Faktor Zehn?

Yes, I will be doing acquisition and hopefully landing new projects so that we can introduce our software to new customers.


What are your goals for the next year?

To grow into my new role and meet the demands that Faktor Zehn has on me in this role. Previously, I was more of a developer, team leader and had technical responsibilities. Now, the focus is more on the management role – supporting, managing and organizing. For me it is the next step in my career to take over responsibility now.

I also want to grow into personnel responsibility – I want to lead my employees in such a way that they are satisfied with me as a manager and that I am always available as a good contact person.


What is your greatest motivation in your day-to-day work?

I know that we won’t save the world with our software. Nevertheless, I want to make everyday work better for our customers. Our software is up to date and that helps to improve the process in the insurance industry.


What does hardly anyone here know about you?

I think I talk too much for that 😀 Those who know me already know everything.

I don’t have any secrets, I think it’s well known that I like to ride my bike a lot. What maybe not everyone knows: In Traunstein is my bike club, which I founded with friends. We campaign for better, safer bike paths for kids in Traunstein.


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