GB Faktor Zehn Meeting: Finally back in presence!

GB Faktor Zehn Meeting 2022

After a long break due to the pandemic, the time had finally come: this year’s GB Faktor Zehn meeting took place again on May 18 and 19 in the heart of Cologne.

The kick-off event began on Wednesday evening with a joint welcome drink and delicious dinner at KölnSKY. The focus on this evening was mainly on the reunion. After more than two long years, many colleagues now got to know each other personally and/or saw each other again. So there was plenty to talk about 😉

After the successful evening, the next day started around 9.00 a.m. with a “get together”. In front of the location all present colleagues slowly gathered and could start the day with a coffee and first conversations in a relaxed way. The day itself was quite varied.

Around 9:30 a.m. the actual event started. Here, the managing director Dr. Florian Schwandt started with a small check-in exercise to expand the imagination. After a short introduction and welcome speech by the managing director Jörg Renger, the People&Culture team presented the agenda of the day and continued with a status update. Internal company key figures were presented, such as the number of new employees or upcoming projects this year.

Afterwards, some exciting project updates were on the agenda, which included a presentation of a new mobile app. There was a great deal of interest among colleagues, as evidenced not least by the numerous questions and comments asked.

Before continuing with the second part of the project updates, there was a joint lunch break, during which we enjoyed a delicious buffet indoors and outdoors.

After the second part of the project updates, we finally had a longer break until dinner together. Actually, we wanted to bridge the time with a Geochaching_Event through Cologne, but unfortunately the weather put a spoke in our wheel. So the time was used individually: while some took a short power nap, others went for a rain walk through Cologne, exchanged information with colleagues about new product developments or projects, or learned new drinking skills over a Kölsch beer.

The day ended with a thank-you speech by Jörg Renger, before a joint dinner from the grill.

The rest of the evening was ushered in with the opening of the bar. So the one or other Kölsch flowed, which let the mood become more and more relaxed. At a later hour, the groups split up: while some colleagues stayed on site, others moved on in a party mood and made the Cologne pubs and clubs unsafe until the morning hours.

All in all, it was a very successful GB meeting and we were very happy to finally see so many colleagues again and to be able to exchange ideas in person. We are already looking forward to the next event and a (hopefully) soon reunion 🙂


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