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On April 6, 2022, the release summit meeting of Faktor Zehn product development was scheduled for the second time. As with the first meeting in October last year, a time frame of 3 hours was scheduled. About 35 colleagues from the 7 teams of the internal product development participated.

Once again, the focus was on cross-team exchange, which is often neglected due to home office time.

After a short introduction, the participants were sent into 4 breakout sessions in the first part of the meeting. In the different sessions, the members of the 7 product development teams were divided up as well as possible so that everyone could see different faces than in everyday life. For the check-in, a hobby, a quirk and the length of time with the company were asked of each employee in advance of the meeting. During the breakout sessions, the task was to assign the previously mentioned items to the respective colleagues. This made for fun, the odd confusion and new insights, which were still talked about in the dailies the next day. Afterwards, each participant had the opportunity to tell the others what his/her team had done in the release so far and what had been his/her own personal highlight so far.

The second part of the meeting focused on several exchange and discussion rounds. Here, too, the participants were asked in advance which topics they would like to discuss or obtain opinions on. Out of a total of 6 topic suggestions, 4 topics were voted on by several people during the meeting, resulting in 4 breakout sessions of 5-9 people each. After about an hour of exchange and discussion, the groups presented the contents of their breakout session to the other colleagues so that everyone could get an overview of the topics discussed.

Finally, a short feedback session was held to collect wishes, ideas and suggestions for future Release Summits. All in all, the event was very well received, which of course immediately creates anticipation for the next Release Summit meeting.

Even though the wish for a subsequent face-to-face meeting (in the offices) was denied this time, there is hope to make up for it, especially for the next Release Summit.

Accordingly, we are already looking forward to meeting all colleagues in person at the next GB Faktor Zehn event in May.

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