“Agent supervisor app”: An idea from Faktor Zehn’s innovation lab

Bild Vermittler Betreuer App

One component of product development at Faktor Zehn is the promotion of innovation projects in which dedicated developers can try out new ideas.

Vermittlerbetreuer App

Vermittler Betreuer App

In one of these innovation projects, the idea arose to use the internal customizing project for Faktor Zehn Business Partner, which is now used to manage agent data instead of customers, for a new app. By using it in this way, the agent data can be loaded into the newly created, native “agent supervisor app”.








Native FunktionenThis app is aimed at an intermediary supervisor who can now use the native functions from the tablet or smartphone. An example of practical use is to navigate while traveling to the intermediaries that the caregiver wants to visit today. He can also make calls or emails directly (e.g., if he is running late) or capture notes about the visit directly from the tablet without having to use the laptop. Most of the functions are available even if the mobile device is not connected to the Internet: The data is then synchronized with the server and Faktor-IBP. In addition, contacts can be planned before the trip and viewed after the trip via a Faktor-IBP “CRM” add-on.

There was a lot of positive feedback and constructive suggestions in response to the brief presentation at the Faktor Zehn User Group last September. For example, the agent supervisor could also use the app to keep his or her logbook without having to laboriously document trips. Of course, the app can also be connected to a Faktor-IBP instance that manages prospects. In this way, it supports the field sales force in managing the respective customers and prospects.


We are looking forward to bringing the innovation idea into production with an interested insurance company!


More information about Faktor-IBP is available on our homepage at https://www.faktorzehn.com/de/produkte/faktor-ibp-partnersystem/ .




Author: Peter Stracke




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