IT misconception 9: “Online shopping will be a flop”.

Shopping has also evolved in recent years as a result of digitalization. It is now possible to buy almost anything from home via the Internet. In 1966, Time magazine saw things quite differently. They claimed: “Remote shopping, while entirely feasible, will flop”. The real part of this statement is clearly feasibility. As early as 1966, they were convinced that online shopping would be possible. Success, on the other hand, they were critical of.

As in every blog article in this series, we get to the bottom of the facts. Even before the Corona pandemic, online retail was generating billions of dollars in annual sales. In 2019, for example, sales were 72.6 billion euros. Due to the lockdowns and restrictions in many countries around the world, this figure increased by almost 15 percent (!) again in 2020 and stood at 83.3 billion euros. Amazon alone made over 10 billion euros in sales in 2020.

So with this quote, we also note: It is clearly an IT fallacy. For many, online shopping has become indispensable. The market for buying groceries online has also grown rapidly in recent years. Many supermarket chains now deliver pre-selected groceries to their customers’ homes. We are curious to see which other markets will establish themselves on the Internet and how our shopping behavior will continue to develop in the coming years.

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