IT misconception 7: “The telephone has too many weaknesses to be seriously considered for communication.”

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Admittedly, the quote is a bit older than the previous blog articles. Nevertheless, this does not change the fact that the statement itself has been 100% refuted. The quote was originally an internal memo from Western Union and dates back to 1876. Just like in the first blog article, the company is not concerned with what the IT misconception is about nowadays.

Western Union today is a provider of international money transfers, so it doesn’t deal with sending information and communication, but money. In total, more than 12,000 people are employed there. And pretty sure a large part of the communication there is now done via telephones as well. As an example, the first way of contacting customer service is given as two telephone numbers for Germany and abroad.

So this quote also turns out to be an absolute IT fallacy. Telephones in the form of smartphones are even increasingly making computers superfluous. Many processes or activities that used to require paper and pen or, later, a computer, can now also be conveniently performed via smartphone. Examples include writing e-mails, navigation, online banking, and playing various games. There is now a suitable app for almost everything. And that’s despite the fact that the main purpose of a smartphone is still to communicate with each other via telephone or messages.


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