IT Misconception 8: “Email is a product you absolutely cannot sell.”

Kann man E-Mail als Produkt verkaufen?

By phone call, video call, text message or e-mail. Most digital communication now takes place on the Internet. Ian Sharp, Sharp Associates, saw things somewhat differently in 1979. He was convinced that e-mail was a product that absolutely could not be sold.

Even though Sharp’s misjudgment is undeniable, there is some truth to his statement: Mail providers still have a hard time selling paid premium mail access. There are many free alternatives that are often more attractive to consumers for cost reasons.

Either way, much of the daily office work today involves exchanging information via email. By 2021, it is predicted that an average of 319 billion emails (!) will be sent per day. This figure is expected to rise to 376 billion e-mails by 2025. According to a representative survey commissioned by the digital association Bitkom, people receive an average of 26 mails per day in their work inbox. Obviously, the importance of e-mail communication has increased significantly in recent years.


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