Every (half) year: Suite Release 21.12

Twice a year we release coordinated versions of all our products with the Suite Release. This time, the highlights are the following new updates in addition to adaptations to the new Java Long-Term Support Release 17:

  • Faktor-IPS with Add-Ons (Release Notes)
    • Schemas for IPS XML Files
    • Jakarta Persistence 2.2
    • library org.faktorips.testsupport with matchers and helper classes for unit tests
  • linkki 1.4 (Release Notes) and 1.5 (for Vaadin 14, Release Notes)
    • @BindVisible
    • BindingDefinition deprecated
    • IpsPropertyDispatcher sets visibility and required-markers depending on attribute relevance/value sets
  • Faktor-IOS (Release Notes)
    • EditingStatus standardised
    • Offer-search with policyNumber
    • Load base- and followup-offers
  • Faktor-IPM (Release Notes Core and SHUK)
    • Clean up Instance Injection in PolicyBindingManager
    • Correction as batch operation
    • Cessions
    • Using labels from the model
    • Split Partner-UI
  • Faktor-ICS (Release Notes)
    • New modules for liability
    • Partial liability case without claimant
    • Filter for payment recipients and partners
    • Assignment of major damage events
    • New PaymentCalculation concept
  • Faktor-IBP (Release Notes)
    • Better search for policies and offers
    • Partner overview (360° customer view) configurable
  • Insurance model (Release Notes)
    • Cessions
    • Tax systems for multiple countries
    • Rule components in product variants
    • Saving SFs without insurance type


In order to present the technical innovations in this release to our customers as well and to give them the opportunity to directly ask questions to our colleagues from product development, another Faktor Zehn Tech Update took place last Friday. In total, up to 78 people participated in the event. Besides the presentation of the new features, some open questions and uncertainties could be clarified directly.


We are very happy that the Tech Update and the Suite Release 21.12 were so successful and are looking forward to seeing which new features and updates will be presented in the next Tech Update this summer.


Your Faktor Zehn-Team

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