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Anyone who maintains extensive products with Faktor-IPS may have been annoyed at times by having to make the same change to several blocks – opening each block individually, finding the attribute, adjusting it, and saving the block. So the idea quickly arose that there must be a better way to do this.

Several years ago, our colleague Stefan created the Faktor-IPS Mutli Editing PlugIn, MultiEdit for short, which solved exactly this problem. Again and again, this plugin was pulled out of the toolbox. Especially when a customer wanted to make extensive product changes, the PlugIn was often used. For this purpose, the plugin was adapted to the current Faktor-IPS version and used directly. After use, however, it usually disappeared again quickly into oblivion. Not so with one of our customers, where the PlugIn enjoyed a loyal fan base. For years they lobbied both Faktor Zehn and their purchasing department to be able to use the PlugIn permanently and to include it in their product changes.

Thanks to their efforts, the time has now come: MultiEdit leaves beta status and is offered as an official Faktor-IPS addon on the update site to match the current release Faktor-IPS 21.12.


We are very happy that the plugin is now officially released and are excited to see which exciting projects it can be used for in the future.


Your Faktor Zehn Team

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