Faktor Zehn at WomenHack

Faktor Zehn auf der WomenHack

On 11/26/2020, Faktor Zehn participated in the WomenHack digital event.
WomenHack generally promotes gender equality in the IT industry and offers various events for women in the tech sector. For this very reason, Faktor Zehn was very interested in participating in the event. In the following article, you can find out how the conversion to the digital event worked out, which participants were on site, and how we perceived the event.

The first online implementation of WomenHack

Like most companies and organizers, this year’s WomenHack offered its event online, so that Faktor Zehn was also able to participate despite the current restrictions.
Specifically, the event was structured like online speed dating. Faktor Zehn had a fixed period of time with each participant to introduce Faktor Zehn as well as to have the opportunity to get to know the participant and to clarify initial questions. If the conversation was interesting to both parties, the time period could be extended to have more time with individual participants.

Participants from different fields

Although WomenHack is primarily known for tech events, some participants were also not tech-related. Many product managers also participated in the event. Nevertheless, there were also some interesting participants from the IT sector.

The conclusion from Faktor Zehn on the digital event of the WomenHack

In general, the organization of the event went smoothly and participation was therefore very pleasant. Due to the physical distance to the participants, the conversations were relaxed. Since each participant had his or her own time slot during the speed dating, each candidate was able to introduce him or herself in peace. This meant that the conversations were undisturbed. Therefore the exchange was more intensive than it would probably have been at an on-site event.


All in all, the digital WomenHack was a successful event and we are already looking forward to next year!

Your Faktor Zehn-Team

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