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In the last few months, as with most companies, a lot has changed for us. Suddenly all colleagues from home were working on their projects and we were faced with the question of how to maintain a good team spirit. To do this, we implemented various measures, which we have already presented in a field report by a colleague.

In order to gather our employees’ opinions about the situation and the measures, we created a survey and sent it to all colleagues.
The core topic was how our “New Normal” / “New Work” looks like according to Covid-19 and what this means for our business / our orientation.
In detail we asked the following questions:

  • How has Covid-19 changed our working environment at ConVista / Faktor Zehn?
  • What have we learned from it?
  • Which tools and methods will we need in the future?
  • What do our employees want from a new working environment?
  • What do we want to do now to establish New Work in a uniform way?

In the following blog article we present some of the results.


In general, the majority of our colleagues get along (very) well with the work from home and could imagine this also in the future.

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In addition, some of our colleagues would like to see, for example, the technical equipment expanded to make their work from home even more pleasant.

It also turned out that many colleagues would like to come to the office for certain activities. Above all training, familiarization, job interviews and certain meetings were mentioned.

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In terms of their working environment, many of our employees would like to have creative places to work or flexible workspaces. Of course, there were also many individual entries that we included in our list of ideas. The ideas on this list are currently being discussed and checked for feasibility.

We were particularly excited about the results regarding the maintenance of the sense of community. Here we could only see with a slight tendency that our colleagues assume that the feeling of community is changing due to the increasing work from home. Some colleagues also believe that the sense of community remains unchanged and that the place of work does not play a relevant role in this.

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To take this tendency into account, we asked our employees directly in the last part of the survey what, from their point of view, would help to maintain the sense of community nevertheless.

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Events, personal exchange, regular meetings and meetings were mentioned here most frequently. So the focus of our colleagues is clearly on the interpersonal.
Further individual mentions of our colleagues referred to digital events, for example, which is why we now also offer our coding dojo and an internal games evening digitally.
Also the general wish for small internal events or increased exchange was often mentioned. For example, one of our employees suggested offering internal workshops on Fridays to increase the sense of community and to create a fixed space and time for further training.

We are currently in the process of merging the individual suggestions and comments into a holistic “New Work” concept. In this way we want to implement the wishes of our employees as far as possible and continue to make working from home as pleasant and flexible as possible.



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