Remote Coding Dojo at the Faktor Zehn

Remote Coding Dojo bei der FaktorZehn

As a result of the Corona crisis, many companies are currently working in the home office. Our colleagues have also been working from home since March. Three weeks ago our monthly coding dojo at Faktor Zehn took place remotely for the first time. How that worked out, whether the remote or presence variant is better and what the plan for the future is, you can read in this blog article.

If you don’t know yet what a Coding Dojo is, have a look at this blog article. There we have explained Coding Dojos in detail.

How did the Coding Dojo work online?

Technically, the Remote Coding Dojo worked well with a factor of ten. We organized the event in BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton provides some decisive advantages for the organization of a Coding Dojo. There are individually designable group rooms, a whiteboard for free painting can be inserted, the own screen can be divided completely or in parts and much more. Thus, joint programming worked well even without spatial proximity and the participants could work together on the tasks. The familiar format could be easily implemented online.

Altogether 12 colleagues participated in this Coding Dojo. Since the teams do not see each other personally at the moment, this was a good opportunity to work together on another task in addition to the technical project topics and to exchange information on another topic.

Of course, the inhibition threshold to ask or say something was higher in the beginning than in the presence of Coding Dojos, where questions can also be asked inconspicuously to the person sitting next to you. But as soon as smaller groups were formed, it was much more relaxed and the exchange worked well. The exchange was also relaxed during the presentation of the solutions, although this time most solutions went in the same direction. This brought the discussions to a close quite quickly, as all participants were in agreement.

By the way: if you got curious what kind of tasks we do at the Coding Dojo – Events – here you can find an overview of the past tasks.

Is the presence variant or the remote variant better?

It’s hard to say. Both variants have their advantages and in the end, everyone has to decide for himself which variant he prefers.

With the presence variant, the clear advantage is of course the spatial proximity. Sitting next to each other and looking at a laptop together cannot be completely replaced in an online version. Since the participants of a presence event all meet in one room, the “break” from the working day is also better because there is a clear place where coding dojos take place. Likewise, interpersonal communication is easier in the presence of a Coding Dojo.

The great advantage of remote coding dojos, on the other hand, is that it makes it easier for colleagues in the project or even outsiders to participate if they don’t have to come to the Munich office for this. With the remote variant, each participant can decide for himself from where he wants to participate, which allows the “break” from everyday work to be individually arranged. Anyone who wants to can simply dial into the appointment and work on the tasks together.

If you are also interested in participating, just sign up for our Meetup Group!

What is the plan for the future? Will the Coding Dojo take place more often/also remotely or will it still be mainly a presence event?

We are very flexible because of the different technical possibilities. The main event will remain a presence event because it is suitable for our Munich colleagues. However, if colleagues/outsiders announce interest in remote participation, we can offer this in addition and carry out a mixed variant.

This has already been possible so far. But many people were probably not aware that this could also work so well online.

All in all, the Coding Dojo remote has worked out very well and is definitely an option for the future. It was very nice to organize a Coding Dojo again and we are looking forward to the next times!

Your Faktor Zehn-Team

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