Office Yoga at the Faktor Zehn

Office Yoga bei der Faktor Zehn

In today’s blog article we introduce you to Office Yoga at the Factor Zehn and tell you how it continues to work despite the home office.

A few weeks ago we already presented 8 tips for working in a home office. In this chapter we already mentioned that it is important to relax and move around especially when working from your home office. An ideal combination of relaxation and movement can be found in yoga.

For this reason, Faktor Zehn offers a short, joint yoga session every week.

Normally the weekly office yoga at Faktor Zehn takes place in the Munich office in a free meeting room. However, since most colleagues currently work in their home office, we have created an online appointment so that we can continue to do yoga together despite the physical separation.

And it works out very well. Because every participant can choose the location freely, there is enough room for everyone. This allows everyone to concentrate fully on the exercises without having to look for their colleagues like in the office.

Another clear advantage is, of course, that the change to sporty, relaxed clothes is much easier at home than in the office. In the office it is much more difficult, because every participant would have to take his yoga clothes with him. Since this has rarely worked in the past, we have made office clothing especially office friendly yoga. In the online version we were able to extend the exercises and thus also improve our skills.

All in all, the weekly office yoga appointment at Faktor Zehn is also a lot of fun online. And that’s also how it works: despite physical separation, we can bring movement into our everyday lives together with our colleagues. Sport is more fun together than alone. 🙂

We are very excited about how the weekly yoga meetings will develop and are looking forward to doing yoga together with our colleagues in the office again.

Your Faktor Zehn-Team

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