“Dungeons and Dragons” at the Faktor Zehn

Dungeons and Dragons bei der FaktorZehn

Recently, “Dungeons and Dragons” has been gaining more and more popularity. The role play has been mentioned or even played in various series (Big Bang Theory, Stranger Things, Sex Education…) and is gaining more and more attention. Some colleagues at FaktorZehn are already playing it. But what is it anyway?

In the following article we will take a closer look at this and present a game story that we have been playing with colleagues in the Munich office since the beginning of the year.

Introduction of “Dungeons and Dragons”

“Dungeons and Dragons”, short D&D, was developed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson as the first pen & paper role playing game. Players find themselves in a mental fantasy world with elves, goblins, wizards, orcs and many other well-known fantasy characters. At the beginning every player may create his own “game figure” and can choose freely from the selection of fantasy figures. Each figure brings different goals, characteristics and abilities with it, which makes playing in larger groups especially exciting. Each figure gets its own name, which the player can choose himself.

In order to keep an overview of the resources, abilities, mastered spells, life points etc. of your own character, each player receives a game sheet on which the starting number of resources and life points, important abilities and mastered spells are noted. Furthermore each player gets a set of seven polyhedral dice. To perform an action, the player rolls one of the dice to determine whether the action is successful or fails. The individual abilities of each player figure reinforce or limit the actions by adding or subtracting the ability numbers to the result of the dice roll. Depending on the action, certain values on the game sheet are adjusted, depending on which resource a player uses or whether the character is injured in a fight.

Together the players experience different adventures in their game groups and encounter dangerous enemies and other challenges on their way through the fantasy world. Most of the time, it is primarily about fulfilling a mission, which can either be known from the beginning or only reveal itself in the course of the game. In every game there is a so-called dungeon master who tells the story and plays the opposing characters. So in a way, the dungeon master also determines how the game is played – but the important decisions are always made by the players. As an example, they can freely choose in which direction they move, whether they attack or negotiate enemies or how they behave in possible battles. For the decisions the players can coordinate among themselves and consider how to proceed or where a fight and where rather a negotiation makes sense.

The actual playing takes place verbally, in which a player tells an action of his character. For most actions, the result of a dice roll decides how successfully the action is carried out and therefore also whether the desired goal of the action is achieved. For example, a player can say “I ask the gnome what else he knows and in return walk threateningly towards him” or “I cast the spell Cure Wounds and heal Elly Beren (name of a fellow player’s character)”. Depending on the success of the dice, the gnome tells the whole truth or can continue to lie and cover up the truth. Every player can act at any time and thus also come closer to his own goals. Only in the case of a battle is the sequence of actions triggered by dice, so that the enemies can also launch a counter-attack.

A game story is usually played on several days. A long game can run for a year. For example, the first Factor Ten adventure had about 12 games in a period of 8 months and thus already belonged to the longer variety. Of course a game can also run much faster if the distances between the games are shorter or the story is less extensive.

“Dungeons and Dragons” is all in all a very diversified roleplaying game, which is shaped by the individual abilities of the game characters. Thereby it depends on teamwork, as well as on not losing sight of the own goals.

Our current “Dungeons and Dragons” story

And if this has made you curious – here is our current story:

The group had been on the road for three days. They were short of money and had accepted an order from a dwarf named Gundren Felssucher. They were to transport a wagon full of supplies from the town of Niewinter to a small remote village called Phandalin.

Gundren rode ahead together with an older knight. His name was Sildar Hallwinter, a man you could see his experience. The mission sounded simple and seemed like easy money, but then the adventurers saw two dead horses on the road. Arrows protrude from the carcasses. Goblin arrows!
Before they can react, three goblins jump out of the bushes and start shooting at them. The rogue is hit and badly injured. He uses the dead horses as cover and returns fire with his short bow. The druid, armed with his spear and shield, throws himself into the turmoil. The ranger gives him cover with his arrows.

They manage to beat the goblins back. Two of the goblins fell, but the third managed to escape. Stricken, the group decides to rest and examine the horses first. Their fears are confirmed. These are the mounts of their employers. The goblins must have taken them away.

Finally they follow the obvious tracks of the escaped goblin and after a few hours and traps they find an inconspicuous cave from which a stream flows. With determination, they storm the entrance and encounter a whole nest of goblins, led by a terrible group of caves.

One goblin after the other falls, but our heroes also take a beating. They make it to the end of the cave where they find a badly wounded Sildar and a group of goblins who use him as a Scourge.
The group risks everything and throws themselves on the goblins. By a miracle Sildar survives, but the druid falls to the ground and is close to death. Full of foolhardiness the rogue jumps over his fallen comrade and manages to defeat the leader of the group. After the fight Sildar tells them that the goblins have delivered Gundren to the “black spider”. They are after the Wellhal Cave, a lost dwarf mine that Gundren has rediscovered.

Who is the Black Spider? What does she want with the lost mine? Is Gundren Seeker still alive? What will our group of adventurers do?

Find out and join our adventure by simply sending us an email.

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