#WirvsVirus: ConVista AG’s participation in the German government’s hackathon

#WirvsVirus Hackathon ConVista AG digitale Warteschlange

#WirVsVirus. This is the official name of the biggest hackathon in the history of Germany so far, which took place from 20th to 22nd March 2020. A total of around 42,000 people took part in the digital event. The aim was to develop software solutions to help overcome the Corona crisis. A total of 2,000 different projects were worked on by the participants.

Some colleagues from our parent company ConVista also took part in the hackathon and programmed a digital queue. The approach taken was to develop a universal concept so that the software can be used by various businesses – whether supermarket or pharmacy.

The idea for this came to one of the colleagues when he passed the Corona test center in Cologne. He saw the extremely long queue and among them some people who were not keeping the safety distance. In order to prevent such situations and thus contribute to reducing the probability of further infections, the colleagues agreed to participate in the hackathon and to work on a digital ticket system.

The software offers the possibility to draw a virtual number via QR Code Scan. Afterwards the user is shown the estimated waiting time. Thus a strict queue becomes obsolete and people can spend the waiting time wherever they want. Furthermore, the drawing of numbers is made anonymous, which avoids conflicts with the data protection regulation.

In the next step, the software will be further developed by allowing selection options such as age, need of assistance or the presence of children to be specified.

Here you can watch a video with the presentation of the digital queue and convince yourself:

We hope that the project will be selected by the jury and of course we keep our fingers crossed!

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