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Faktor Zehn Shop

For all employees, customers and members of the Faktor Zehn community, there are some very special news today. The official Spreadshirt Store from Faktor Zehn is now online. With over 25 products, the shop offers a balanced variety of branded Faktor Zehn merchandise.

In total, the shop has five different designs. For each of these designs, certain textile products have been selected which can be purchased. In addition to T-shirts and of course hoodies, there is also a unisex outdoor jacket and some articles for children and babies. The available designs currently include the company logo as well as the Faktor Zehn mascots FIPS and linkki. Most of the products are available in black, white, grey, dark blue and mottled shades, so the core of the corporate design is maintained.

An extract from the product range

In the future the shop assortment is to be constantly extended by new articles. Suggestions, ideas or special requests for new articles or designs can be sent to

NOTE: Until 04.03.2020 there is a 15% discount on all products exclusively !!

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