Faktor Zehn Business Partner Release 19.12 integrated in the suite

Faktor Zehn F-IPB

Just in time for the release 19.12, Faktor-IBP (Insurance Business Partner) offers the creation and administration of natural persons and companies, including addresses, e-mails and bank details. A primary address, preferred correspondence channel and primary bank details can be set for a partner. First country-specific checks are carried out in the international addresses and bank accounts to test the postal code or IBAN for the length that matches the country. The languages German and English are supported. Consequently, all functions are also available as REST services.

All adaptions to a partner are logged, therefore it is always possible to trace who made which changes. Historical data can be accessed via the Faktor-IBP user interface as well as via the REST Services.

With Faktor-IBP, it was possible to seamlessly integrate the logging of partners into business processes of Faktor-IOS, Faktor-IPM or Faktor-ICS, which is the basis for Suite Release 19.12: If a partner cannot be found to fill a role, such as policyholder, contributor, process participant or expert, it can be entered directly without having to leave the policy system. The new partner can then be found and updated in Faktor-IBP. After resuming the process in the policy system, the changes will be visible immediately – e.g. if the preferred correspondence channel has changed

On the agenda for 2020 is the further expansion of the integration by, for example, a 360 degree customer view. The user interface of Faktor-IBP allows you to jump from one of the other components of the suite to another in order to directly create a new offer, application, contract or claim for a partner selected in Faktor-IBP.



Faktor-IPB (only available in German)


Peter Stracke

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