What effect does the end of public updates for Java 8 have?

Faktor Zehn Java 8

For some months now, Oracle does no longer offer free updates for the widely used Java 8. Commercial support is available from Oracle as ell as other Java vendors like IBM or Azul till at least 2022, the open source project AdoptOpenJDK (supported by among others IBM and Azul) has already announced updates twice a year till 2023.Older versions like Java 6 are no longer supported even with commercial support.

So an update to Java 8 at least is necessary, but what about the current long term support release Java 11? Our open source products Faktor-IPS and linkki as well as the applications based on them like Faktor-IPM, Faktor-IOS and Faktor-ICS run with Java 11 as well. Further dependencies, build and development tools (Maven plugins, Eclipse) should be updated to their current releases.

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