Faktor Zehn at JavaLand 2019

Unser Stand auf der JavaLand 2019 mit drei Kollegen

Der Sieger vom Dienstag mit Mini-NES Der Sieger vom Mittwoch mit Raspberry Pi

For the second time we were present at the JavaLand conference in Phantasialand with our own booth. This time our arcade machine with the new FipsRun(Windows/Linux/Mac) game attracted many of the over 2000 visitors in the upper level in front of the “Quantum” lecture halls. On both exhibition days the player with the high score could take home a price; a mini NES on Tuesday, and a Raspberry Pi on Wednesday. But we weren’t there for playing alone and talked with potential new colleagues and customers as well as meet old friends.

As our team consisted of five guys this time, everybody could also visit some interesting talks and the other booths. Although there were two more arcade machines and a Mario Cart console, surely none of them got to talk about how to build such a machine (described here) and how tho get the game to run on the Raspberry Pi. Among the highlights were talks about Testautomatisation without Assertions, Fluent APIs, and talks and diskussions about the future of Java and Jakarta EE.
KettenkarusselAchterbahn Taron
On Tuesday evening there was as always the Open Park, where we could relax while visiting some of Phantasialand’s attractions and a Coding Dojo.

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