Redi School of Digital Integration invites Faktor Zehn to the Blockchain Event

Our colleague, Shashank Jain, was invited by Redi School Digital Integration to be guest speaker at the “Blockchain and Innovation as a Disruptive Force in the Financial Services Industry” event, which took place on 13th September. Over 85 participants from diverse backgrounds, came to Google’s impressive office in Munich to learn more about the subject. It was the perfect platform to exchange experiences and ideas and to enjoy networking sessions, during which Blockchain was discussed.

The event started with Sophie, the Organizer of Redi school of Digital Integration, discussing how they help individuals to learn new digital skillsets like AI, IOT and Blockchain.

Then it was time for Shashank Jain, Head of International Sales, at Faktor Zehn (ConVista Group) to get up on the stage and to discuss the adoption of Blockchain and use cases in the financial services industry. Live scenarios with & without Blockchain were presented as well as Blockchain decision models, Blockchain design steps and the creation of use cases.

A dynamic discussion followed between Shashank and the audience, which made the event interactive, informative and intellectually challenging.

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