Ideas of the Year: These are the Results of Innovation Award 2018

The Innovation Award looks back on a long tradition at Convista and Faktor Zehn. Each year colleagues have the chance to submit their ideas. A jury rates the various ideas and the best three suggestions are pitched again at the annual Summer Event. Then all employees decide which innovation wins.

This year, the Innovation Award was conferred to Thomas Wruß, Shashank and Vasyl

Evendemy“, a social platform for events and knowledge transfer, won the first place of this year’s Innovation Award. Inventor and driving force is the Viennese Thomas Wruß who was supported amongst others by the Austrian Marketing Team. The second place was reached by the future package “Insurance 2020” designed by the lone fighter Shashank. The third place was achieved by Vasyl thanks to the idea of reusing UI5-interfaces in the product portfolio of ConVista. He worked out the innovation together with customers in a consulting process. The three winning ideas originate from three countries – from Austria (1st), Germany (2nd) and Switzerland (3rd). They were honored on Thursday, 30th May, in the scope of the Summer Event in Berlin.

The Prize: Money, Commission and Support by the Management

“It’s nice to see that our idea was convincing and won the Innovation Award”, says the first-place-awarded Thomas Wruß, developer of the platform Evendemy (by the way, a portmanteau of “event” and “academy”). His idea is supposed to simplify networking within ConVista and Faktor Zehn –  in future, we can make appointments for lunch, sports and trainings, for example, even more easily. “At a work place not only the work matters, but also the daily social interaction.” The social component, the knowledge exchange and the company culture are not to be left aside by the employer.

How Evendemy is going to continue will be discussed soon – will every one of us get an account? “To roll the product out across whole ConVista would be fantastic”, says Sandra Haus, who presented Thomas’ project in the plenary assembly. In Vienna the platform has been in operational use for a year now. Its handling is uncomplicated and since every one may participate and is always at the same informational level on social activities and courses, the atmosphere has become even more familiar.

The 5,000 euro for the first place are entirely given to Thomas by the supporting team: “It is his baby.” How the profit sharing over three years which is also part of the award in case of an economic success will be realized remains inherently unclear – for the platform will be primarily used company-internally. However, selling the idea to customers is not completely excluded.

The Evaluation Criteria: Innovativeness, Customer Benefit and Profit for ConVista

The second-place-winning Shashank from Faktor Zehn Munich committed himself to nothing less than the future of the insurance industry: “Insurance 2020” delineates a comprehensive application package that is supposed to make the world of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things usable for core applications such as supply, claims and policy management.

“Insurers search for first-class consulting services that contain innovation directly in the solutions, products and services”, says Shashank. “Thus, we can optimally position ourselves for the business models’ transformation.” Concretely, amongst others chat bots, AI-robots, IBM Watson, peer-to-peer and existing Faktor 10 products are combined in the package. For a better understanding, Shashank presented what the customer journey in the insurance industry could look like in 2020 and 2012 with recourse to two use cases.

“I entirely believe in the saying ‘When the wind of change blows, some people build walls and others windmills'”, says the laureate. For his idea Shashank receives 3,000 euro as well as a profit share over two years in case of economic success.

The third place, finally, won Vasyl from the Swiss ConVista team. “We have established a possibility to reuse the development efforts from a project in the product portfolio of ConVista”, he explains. That is: process and application serve as a basis for a new ConVista product. Concretely, it is about user interfaces in UI5.

By means of the “recycling”, we can not only save time and money, but also profit from customer references in the future. Being innovative is nothing new for Vasyl; already in 2017 he won the first place with the CUBI-team (ConVista Usage-Based Insurance). “This time it was not a prototype but an innovation in the consulting process in a running project”, Vasyl explains the difference. “Developing a product of this size is real fun.” His commitment is rewarded with 1,000 euro.

“Once again it became obvious that we have extraordinarily creative minds and a lot of passion for the business at ConVista”, says Oliver Kewes, Co-CEO and member of the Innovation Management Team.

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