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“We’re going north!”, “I’ll take my worker back and get 2 corn for that”, “You can poke him in the water” or “I’ll try the super sheep” are not the usual conversations you hear at Faktor Zehn. This year however, especially in the evening, one might hear this more often from one of our meeting rooms.

The reason for this is that we have had more game-nights than ever here at the Faktor Zehn Vienna. Upward tendency. There are always enthusiastic board-game and PC-game players who want to prove their talent. From strategy games to cooperative games or simple mini-game collections, it’s all there.

But also other events have brought the team together outside the usual work this year: people go for a run, smoothie drinks are mixed or breakfasts are organized.

One of the reasons for the rise of many different activities is a webapp that we have developed in Faktor Zehn: the Evendemy. The Evendemy was born at the beginning of the year in a project week and since then has been used internally in Vienna.

The Evendemy should be an open platform for further education and events during and after work. The words Event and Academy together make up our Evendemy. Each employee has the opportunity to create and hold courses or events. Everyone is invited to join in, share their knowledge and have a nice time together. The principles of the Evendemy project are being open and simple and a tool that brings people together. “Openness” is an important aspect to make everyone feel included and bring new people together. “Simplicity” is a principle to enable everyone to use the Evendemy as obstacle-free as possible


We spend a lot of time every day with our colleagues – It’s great when people not only get along very well during working hours – but can also enjoy a glass of wine or play a game afterwards. People do not want to be anonymous machines but create a good social environment, laugh together and just have a good time – this is what our company and our teams ultimatively stand for.

Of course, not everyone shares this opinion or is interested in participating – so of course Evendemy events are completely optional and voluntary. It is intended to be a support tool which makes starting and maintaining the process easier.

Previously, events were often documented in the wiki, sent by mail or placed as a note in the kitchen. With the Evendemy we have a tool to reach everyone without the risk of unintentionally excluding somebody. Anyone can view the upcoming courses and events in the Evendemy and will automatically receive an email about new content. While before it might have been difficult to organize an event or one didn’t dare to – the Evendemy invites you to create an event – after all, that’s what this tool is all about.

Even courses to exchange knowledge with each other are possible with the Evendemy and they are not limited to work-related things. If someone wants to show something, e.g. How to make a real lasagna or program a game – that would be possible in principle – but it has not happened yet.

A nice side effect of this whole project is, that now at the end of the year, we can see all the events that were organized and look back on an interesting year.

However, we do not want to withhold the Evendemy and our experiences with it and have decided to make the project open source. The Evendemy can be found on github and also has its own small overview page. Volunteers are invited to participate in the open source project. If you have any questions, I am happy to help and tell you more about what Evendemy has to offer.

I am sure in the future we will hear even more of “We’re going north!”, “I take my worker back and get for 2 corn” or similar in the evenings at Faktor Zehn …


Thomas Wruß

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