Faktor Zehn is Pleased with the Fourth Successful Faktor-IPS User Group Meeting

54 community members from Germany and Austria participated in the fourth Faktor-IPS User Group. The meeting was held at the HDI Global SE conference center in Hannover, Germany, on 19 and 20 October. Among the participants were: users, software architects, and executives. All were eager to discuss the Faktor Zehn products. Compared to last year’s meeting the User Group grew by 10 participants.

The focus was particularly on fostering exchanges among the participants about the Faktor Zehn products: Faktor-IPS, Faktor-IOS, Faktor-IPM, Linkki, and Faktor-ICS—the new claims software. As established by previous meetings, the first day revolved around presentations on current challenges in projects and jump-started lively debates in which participants shared similar and divergent experiences. This series of presentations also featured one by Faktor Zehn on product strategy, innovations, and plans for the further development of Faktor-IPS.

On the second day, participants were able to choose from workshops and presentations. The workshop on scrum, one of the most popular project methods, was well attended. After another day chock full of presentations and discussions of various topics, we gathered new ideas about the further development of Faktor-IPS that we will pursue in future projects and product developments. Many thanks to all of you for your input!

We are already looking forward to the next User Group meeting!

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