A Blockchain meet-up Event in Munich

The Blockchain meet-up event, took place on 3rd November in Munich. The event saw over 160+ participants from the diverse backgrounds as it provided the perfect platform to exchange experience and ideas apart from discussing Blockchain. Shashank Jain, Head of International sales, at Faktor Zehn (ConVista group) was one of the guest speakers and highlighted Blockchain use cases together with Blockchain fundamentals and its relevance in FSI industry.

Friends-for-Hope e.V. charity foundation presented the concept of “sharing your education” by making donation cheap, fast and easy for everyone. For less than a cup of coffee, you can provide a one-day education to a child in developing countries. Idea behind the meet-up event was also to raise some money for charity foundation.

Shashank was guest speaker where he gave the participants insights into blockchain and its application in the industries, especially in financial services industries such as insurance and banking. Live demos of how to create your own blockchain was also an interesting part of the event. Some of the participants also got to see for the first time a real live blockchain, and also see how the bitcoins or Ethereums are mined. Lively debates were followed between speaker and participants from various backgrounds (business, tech) which made the event and training sections interactive, informative and intellectually challenging. Being inspired, the evening ended with valuable networking time where the blockchain enthusiasts got to exchange with mind-liked people.

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