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On October the 5th we organized a new event in Faktor Zehn Vienna: the DevConf 2017. This is a one day conference organized by us for developers with different workshops and lectures about Angular 4. Due to the great interest and the huge amount of registrations we announced it for a second time this Thursday.

The first date was especially selected: the next day, 6.10. the annual Faktor Zehn meeting took place. This time in Vienna. Because of this event a few colleagues from Germany are already visiting Vienna. So we took the opportunity to organize the DevConf event the day before. There were also developers from other companies with whom we are working together.

In a 3-hour workshop the basic concepts of Angular were demonstrated. A new project was created, Components were developed, Routing was declared, Services were written, Validations added and much more. Afterwards, the various test possibilities were discussed in a 1-hour workshop: from testing a service or a component to end-to-end tests. To round off the whole thing, an implementation of the flux pattern was presented with ngrx and even the tooling around Angular was examined in more detail. To strengthen Faktor Zehn sponsored pizza as lunch between the workshops and sandwiches in the evening.

It was an interesting day and we took a lot of positive feedback. I think there was something for everyone! It was a good look at topics and technologies that we are currently working on and a good introduction to clientside programming.

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