Doing away with chemical cleaning agents

Cleanliness requires no chemicals: This is what Austrian enterprise Enjo, the manufacturer of cleaning cloths containing special fibers, promises us.  ConVista Faktor Zehn Austria’s office cleaners, who are beautifully named “Zauber Sauber”, (which translates to “Magic Clean”), will use these fabrics in the Vienna office from now on.

Thanks to the new cloths only a small amount of water is required and cleaning can now be done six times much hygienically than usual. Before you shake your head in disbelief: The whole thing is scientifically proven, the company has a number of certificates.

Anyway, now we can get rid of all the chemicals – and we are pleased to be making a step towards protecting our environment! Not only in our office, but also in some flats of our colleagues ;).;

Sandra Haus

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  1. Martin

    Cooles F-IPS T-Shirt Manuel 🙂 !!


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