Usability and UX training & certification: CPUX-F


Like Carina, I was able to broaden my horizon in the area of ​​usability and user experience for Faktor Zehn in recent days. I was not on a BarCamp, but participated in a 2 day training in Vienna with subsequent certification. The final certificate is called “Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level“. The shorter form is “CPUX-F” which writes much faster.

But what can does that mean, exactly? In the 2 days you will learn about the approach and implementation of human-centered design. The process, which is defined according to ISO 9241-210, is explained step by step and taught on practical examples.

It is shown how to first understand and analyze the users and their context of use for an interactive system (e.g., a piece of software the user is using), then derive the different requirements, next design the solutions for the product and finally check if these solutions match with the requirements and therefore improve the usability.

I found the two days really exciting and instructive. Even if not all terms were unknown, the training broadened my field of vision, illustrated the process very well and gave me new tools in my daily work. It also showed me that usability is often taken lightly and much more attention should be given to this topic.

I think this course and the certificate is interesting for all who are involved in the creation of interactive systems. Not everyone will then take and carry out one of the presented roles. However, the course will sharpen the senses for the area and create an awareness of the matter. If you would like to know more or have questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

Thomas Wruß

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