EnterJS 2017

My CPUX-F training is not even a week ago and I am on the way for the next event. This time I’m travelling to Darmstadt to the EnterJS.

JavaScript is present in almost every one of our projects. Especially in the last few years the most incredible and innovative things happened in this area and it is a pleasure to be a part of it. This makes it even more important to stay up-to-date and to take up new technologies, patterns, trends and the like. One possibility thereof is e.g. The EnterJS, which focuses entirely on the subject of JavaScript.

The conference took place in the Darmstadtium and it was consisting of a workshop day and 2 days conference. The workshops covered React, Angular, NodeJS, event driven architecture, and ECMAScript 2015-17.

On the conference days, the topics are broadly diversified. Everything about JavaScript is discussed here: Angular 1 to Angular 2 migration, React, best practices, Angular AOT compiler and Closure, Typescript, Flowtypes, Electron, dynamic analysis of JavaScript, GraphQL and much, much more. The keynotes of Ashley Williams and Brian Terlson were also very interesting and addressed social problems in open source projects and the future of ECMAScript.
In contrast to some other conference, where a strong recruiting or product advertising took place, here they were really focused on the content. A big compliment to the EnterJS organizers.

Overall, I can say the conference exceeded my expectations. I will go home with many new ideas and overall it was an enrichment for me – but it has also shown me that we are very well placed in this area! In a fast-paced world like JavaScript, this is not a matter of course.

Thomas Wruß


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