DIA Amsterdam: ERGO Direkt and Faktor Zehn at the forefront of Innovation

The Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA), a forum for digitization in insurance and one of the biggest InsurTech conferences, took place on 10th and 11th of May this year in Amsterdam. The event saw over 800 participants from the insurance industry as it provided the perfect platform for insurers, heads of Innovation and innovators to exchange experience and ideas at a global level.

One such innovation was demonstrated by ERGO Direkt (a direct insurer from Germany) and Faktor Zehn on how the former enables innovation, while providing operational excellence and customer centricity at the same time. The response to the presentation was tremendous as indicated by the huge turnout of insurers at the Faktor Zehn stand. The product management tool Faktor-IPS, especially, piqued the interest of insurers, as it is open-source.

At this global conference, ERGO Direkt presented its new calculation service for liability insurance, which comes into picture particularly when a customer requests an offer for liability insurance online or via other channels. The service essentially creates, validates and calculates proposed offer variants for an insurance contract. What is unique about it is that the user interface on the customer end interacts dynamically with the backend; every time there is change in the insurance product in the back-end, the UI automatically updates itself with the latest change, saving huge efforts.

At the heart of ERGO’s landscape are Faktor-IOS and Faktor-IPS from Faktor Zehn, enabling insurers attain faster speed-to-market via cost-effective implementations.

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Faktor Zehn works for top insurance companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands such as ERGO Direkt, SIGNAL IDUNA, VIG, Münchner Verein, Achmea etc. and many more. Our innovative and agile insurance solutions help insurance companies to take a digital leap forward.

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