JavaLand 2017

A conference with talks about Java technologies, Java community activities, but also carousel and rollercoasters. Interested? So were we. Well, it’s off to JavaLand!

At the end of March, the amusement park Phantasialand opened its gates to become JavaLand once more. This year, one could feel the approaching Java 9 release with many talks focusing on the new features like modularization (Project Jigsaw), multi-release JARs, the interactive JShell REPL, and improved stream APIs, as well as some more talks pointing out best (and worst) practices for handling the lambdas introduced with Java 8. Along with that, several speakers shared their thoughts of the trending topic cloud computing, microservices and containers. We had the opportunity to talk to specification leads for some of the upcoming Java EE 8 features and try some mutation testing in a hands-on workshop.

This year, we did not only attend as guests but had our own Faktor Zehn booth right next to the guys from Vaadin. Our super cool bulldog on t-shirts and energy drinks as well as our very own arcade machine, FIPS-MAN, drew the attention of many JavaLanders. We had some interesting conversations with experienced Java developers as well as students from the JavaLand student program.  Of course, we could also gather some cool marketing ideas for upcoming events.

To top it all off, a dozen rides where opened just for us on Tuesday evening – some test driven development on the park’s side, with the occasional debugging session when one or the other ride stopped in the middle of the tracks.

All in all, it was a very informative, interesting and unique experience. We are already looking forward to JavaLand 2018!

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