May I introduce to you? Our Wallboard.

In a modern software development process many services and tools are involved to inform the team members about the current state of the project. Is the build broken? Does the code fulfill the required quality criteria? How much technical debt does the project have and how does the trend evolve? How many stories and tasks have been completed in the current sprint and how many of them are still open or in progress?
Tools like Jenkins, SonarQube and JIRA answer these and many more questions. It is however not always easy to keep an good overview over all different dashboards of these tools. With our especially for Faktor Zehn developed Wallboard, we offer a solution that can be easily and quickly adapted and extended to individual needs.

The most important data and metrics from different systems can be displayed on a dashboard using widgets. For example, the key figures from Jenkins, SonarQube and JIRA, that are important for the project, can be visualized clearly on a single page. The wallboard serves as single-point-of-truth and shows the project team members all necessary information at a glance. It is already in daily use in 5 internal and one external projects and has significantly increased the productivity and satisfaction of all team members in these projects.

The first version was developed in 2014 as part of a project week on the topic “Modern Web Development with AngularJS”. Since then the project has been steadily developed under the direction of Stefan Brenner. New ideas have been implemented and it was adapted to new requirements. The ConVista Faktor Zehn Wallboard is now available on Github as an open source project under the GNU GPL.

In the current version 1.1.5, Jenkins, SonarQube and JIRA can be connected to the Wallboard.

If you are now interested in more information or want to use the Wallboard in one of your projects, do not hesitate to contact Stefan ( He is looking forward to your comments, suggestions, and questions.

Of course you are all invited to participate in that product.


Stefan Brenner

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