Traditional or individual? We can be both!

Which of us is not familiar with this questions: Is that all there is? I would love to do something different. Maybe there is something better for me?

A lot of people have raised this questions, regardless of the industry they are working for. But why is a job change so difficult for oneself? Often one is deterred by the recruiting process. Writing an individual cover letter, taking new application photos, picking up the CV and answering questions for different recruitment tools – this all takes a lot of time and is hard work, without knowing if the company suits me.

We want to change things – even our recruiting process. That’s why we would like to invite developer who are interested in a new job to a gamer night. It doesn’t matter if you are fresh from university or professionally experienced. During this event you have the opportunity to get to know Faktor Zehn within a relaxed atmosphere.

You can find more information here.

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