Project “Faktor FOOD App”

Every day employees of Faktor Zehn AG – and of other companies for certain – have this question: What should we eat for lunch?

Because we are cooking in the office kitchen regularly, or barbecue in the courtyard, further questions arise, as e.g. “Who is going to cook?” “Who is going to buy the ingredients?” “Who wants to join?” “Who gets how much money?”

In order to avoid these questions we, as working students of the Faktor Zehn AG, started to develop an app, which should simplify the planning and organization process of the lunch.

With this app it is possible to organize food groups, so-called lobbies. Within these lobbies you get to know the meal decision, the day and time and the maximum number of people. Colleagues, who would like to eat together can join the lobby. Within this lobby it will also be organized who is going to buy the ingredients.

After lunch the buyer indicates the amount for the lunch and it can be seen in his or her account as positive. Afterwards the costs will be split between all people within this lobby and will be displayed within each account as negative. Those accounts should create a cashless balance. Furthermore the lobby member with the highest negative amount can be forced to buy the ingredients, in order to balance his or her debt.

This app brings a lot of variety into the office kitchen and it reduces organization time. Furthermore colleagues get in contact with each other more often.

Because we’ve started with the realization recently and the own work within the company are in the foreground, we’ve clarified only few technical details. We will inform you about our development.

Written by Marius & Sascha

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