ClojureD 2017 – Berlin

On 2. February 2017 the ClojureD conference took place again in Berlin. Much to my surprise more than a third of the roughly 200 attendees came from outside Germany. Accordingly all talks were held in english.

There were talks for every taste:

  • Fascinating talks: Philipp Meier about generating UI in ClojureScript, which he presented live in his slides (a cljs application)
  • Creative talks: Lisa Passing about game development, after which she handed out cool, self-made stickers “REPL without a cause”
  • Hilarious talks: Bozhidar Batsov about CIDER, Zach Oakes about his new ClojureScript IDE named Nightlight
  • Demanding talks: Tommy Hall about symmetries, Christophe Grand about his transducer library named xforms

In between the talks there were plenty of opportunities to enter conversations with speakers or other Clojure professionals. This allowed me to gain insight regarding the challenges and benefits of using Clojure in production.

This Clojure thing, it’s going places

Even before ClojureD I was convinced that Clojure is a promising language. Talking to professionals that have experience with several years of Clojure in production confirms my assumptions. Clojure’s benefits also show in the large. Moreover I was pleasantly surprised by how nice, open, enthusiastic and skilled the community is. This Clojure thing, it’s going places.

ClojureD has been an amazing conference: well organized and informative. I’ll be going next year for sure.

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